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Laser & Skin Treatments

Discover how the latest laser technology can make you more beautiful and confident. At Curl Up & Dye, we have four different laser handpieces for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne reduction, and vascular treatments. Our state-of-the-art equipment is safe, effective, and approved by both the CSA and FDA.

Our hand pieces are cool to the touch which results in a virtually painless experience. We also have a permanent solution to rid the body of skin tags and many other skin blemishes with our vasculyse treatments. Book today, for a free, private consult, to discuss all your options with our professionally trained laser technicians.

Hair Reduction

Discover a permanent reduction alternative to shaving or waxing. Laser hair removal is a great way to get rid of unwanted body hair and eliminate ingrown hairs. Only the hair in the active growth stage called the anagen stage can be permanently destroyed. Due to many factors such as ethnicity, age, and body part, multiple sessions are required booked 4-8 weeks apart. Increase your confidence and save money and time with laser hair removal!

Hair Reduction Price
Upper Lip $50
Chin $50
Lip/Chin $85
Chin/Neck $140
Lip/Chin/Neck $150
Sideburns $100
Hairline $85
Neckline $65
Full Arms $249
Half Arms $150
Underarms $120
Hands/Fingers $65
Full Chest $250
Full Back $300
Upper/Lower Back $250
Full Legs $400
Upper Legs $249
Lower Legs $249
Feet/Toes $75
Belly Button Line $149
Bikini Line $199
French Cut Bikini $225
Brazilian $249
Areola $50
Buttocks $199
Woman With No Body Hair

• 30% discount for 4 sessions

• 40%discount for 8 sessions

• Purchase 2 separate body part 4 or 8 session packages and receive a 10% discount, 3 separate body part session packages and receive a 15% discount and 20% discount for any package paid in full on first visit.

• Divide any session package by 52/64 weeks to get a low monthly payment with pre authorized credit    card or post dated check.

• Taxes not included

• 50% off per visit price after package deals are complete for further hair reduction desired for up to 2  years from final session

Acne Before and After

Acne Clearance

Sharplight laser acne treatments are a safe drug-free alternative method to treat mild to chronic acne. The visible blue light absorption destroys the bacteria, the yellow light coagulates the feeding blood vessels and the infrared light dries up the lesions. The treatment works best in a series of 8 sessions, twice a week over a period of a month. More treatments get more results! Each treatment is booked for 30 minutes with a complimentary consult. It is imperative to discontinue accutane 6 months prior to treatment and the use of retinoid acid products 2 weeks prior to treatment.

Multiple sessions purchased receive a 15% discount for 4 sessions and 20% discount for 8 sessions.

Area Price Per Session
Face $70
Upper Shoulders $85
Upper Back $90
Chest $90
Full Back $110
Face/Chest $150
Face/Chest/Back $210

Skin Rejuvenation/

Skin rejuvenation with Sharplight system gives a younger glowing look to your skin. It treats the three main elements of sun damaged, environmentally polluted and aging skin by coagulating blood vessels, eliminating pigmented spots and improving skin texture such as small lines and enlarged pores.  It is recommended clients do a series of 3-6 treatments 3 weeks apart. A photo rejuvenation treatment continues to repair the skin up to 2 months post-treatment.

Service Per Visit 3 Sessions 6 Sessions
Full Face $199 $418 $716
Neck $150 $315 $540
Chest $225 $473 $810
Face/Neck/Chest $385 $808 $1386
Hands $100 $210 $360
Arms/Hands $199 $418 $716
Rosacea Cheek/Nose $150 $315 $514
Rosacea Full Face $199 $418 $716
Sun Spots (Up to 5) $60 $126 $216
Skin Rejuvenation


Vasculyse Treatments

Our vasculyse thermocoagulation system offers 5 pre-programmed treatments, telangiectasia (broken blood vessels/superficial spider veins), skin tags, ruby points, milia, and cholesterol deposits. This process involves using an ultra fine insulated needle with a high-frequency current that penetrates the superficial tissues and coagulates the skin issue. The results are permanent and small scabs may appear after treatment but are barely noticeable and disappear within 3-21 days. It has a very high success rate as it quickly and instantly corrects superficial imperfections with very few or no complications. 

A Vasculyse thermocoagulation treatment is:
• $65.00 per 15-minute session
• Permanent
• Fast
• Non-invasive: does not pierce the skin
• Effective: most imperfections disappear within 1-3 sessions
• Works best on well-hydrated skin

Safe & Comfortable

Aesthetic laser technology has advanced quickly over the years. Our SharpLight machine features the newest technology. The handpiece delivers a cooling sensation to treat your skin with virtually no pain, and our treatments are approved for most skin types, including dark and tan skin and light hair.

Affordable Rates

Save money on your next laser treatment. We strive to make our treatments affordable for everyone who needs them. Discounted rates are available when you purchase multiple packages, and we offer flexible payment plans that let you pay in installments over anywhere from 36 to 64 weeks. We will customize your own package deal and work with your budget!

Woman With Smooth Skin